Friday, 28 January 2011

New link on the website!

Hello everyone,

Now we have landed into the new year with new energy, I
would like to point the way forward that we will take
with the film.

Look out for a new link (the new envelope button) on the
website where all visitors can leave their email addresses
so that we know who you are, and keep you up to date with
all happening with the film.

We know there are many problems arising all the time with
the issues on the discovery of the XMRV retro virus and
you all need a voice more than ever.

We are trying our very best to get into production by
the spring, so keep posted for calls for donations which
will be coming up, there are some new structures coming
into place. There will be fundraising events for private
investors, where you will learn the advantages for you on
investing in film.

We are seeking partners to the film, who are in the role
of fundraising themselves for ME, if you are one and would
be interested in what we have to say then please
let us know.

We look forward to your constant interaction, and please
watch for the new trailer!

Keep your spirits high


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