Friday, 27 August 2010

Call for Donations

Millions of people suffer from it worldwide. Twice as many as those who suffer from multiple sclerosis. Anyone can get it. There is no cure. Why should we care? Because it could be you!

WHAT ABOUT ME? Inside the dramatic search for a cure to ME/CFS, is a feature documentary that tells the powerful story of a mother's motivation to cure her daughter of an illness that has no diagnosis and no cure, with no place to go she vows to find a cure herself, whilst her daughter becomes more sick and confined to a wheelchair. The story of what love can do, is powerfully weaved through the world of suffering with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

17 million people around the world suffer from this mystery illness. It destroys lives, leaving people bed-bound and racked with pain suffering with devastating memory loss and confusion, unable to tolerate even the smallest amount of light or noise, and to this point there has been no known cure, but now at last, it seems that scientists may have found the answer.

The Whittemore Peterson Institute founded by Annette Whittemore to find a cure for her daughter, welcomed Dr Judy Mikovitz to their ranks. A straight talking cancer specialist, outraged by the lack of attention the illness ME was getting, and convinced that it must be related to a virulent virus, made it her mission to discover more - she believes she has - with a newly discovered human retrovirus XMRV she holds responsible for ME. With so much at stake will XMRV be revealed to be the cause of the illness? Will governments concede this to be true? Can it be treated with anti- retroviral drugs like HIV/AIDS, will this illness be wiped off the planet? Has Dr Mikovitz found the cure?

Click here if you would like to make a contribution to the film. Every dollar counts, and with your help, we will reveal the truth.

Thank you so much. Double D Productions.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

New Vimeo Group - The Start of an Online Community

We have spoken to you on facebook and twitter, on emails, even on the phone for some. NOW however, we want to see you! Not just in still photos but in your life.

We have set up a Vimeo group to upload your stories and experiences. We feel this will be a way of getting to know you more and a way for you to see and know each other! Let's start building the biggest forum of ME/CFS sufferers on the planet.

A minute or two, shot even from your phone, to upload on the link we have here. We want you in your location, just as you are. We look forward to meeting you!