Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Some thoughts and a call for help!

I recently attended a conference at Power to the Pixel on what is happening with online distribution of film. What I found interesting was the way in which people come together and bond virtually (like in Farmville and Facebook), due to a lack of community in their real lives. However, as we see with our online community, the internet has the power to not only make up for this said lack of community, but to supersede it. This new connectivity has allowed us to come together as we have with the website, this blog (100 countries and counting!) and the real gold, our Vimeo community. Here you, from all corners of our globe, have come together to share stories and more importantly your support for each other. If you have not yet checked it out, join in! The stories show us that by using the connectivity of the internet, no one stands alone. Click here to go to the group page.

Also if you have donated to our film through the button on the homepage, please let us know as we would like a clear record of your name and contact, many thanks! Visit Digital Documentaries or email us at doubledmedocs@googlemail.com.

We also have a big call for help in Sweden, Spain, Australia and Canada. We would like to film in your countries, but for that we need help with the budget of the film. Therefore, if you would like the scientists, doctors and sufferers in your respective country focused upon in the film, then you can help! If you know of any private party or funding institute whom would be seriously interested in becoming involved then please let us know using the contact above!

More again soon

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