Friday, 25 June 2010

Moving Ahead

There are still many of your stories coming in and we value your time and energy in relating them to us. Thank you so much. We are still looking at them all to make a decision, so if you feel inclined to share your history and future with us, then please share a one sheet report.

We are continuing to be discovered all the time,which means that you are helping spread the word, again thank you. The latest find is the blog of Mindy Kitel's CFS Central do check it out not only for our glowing write up, but the mass of information that she accrues there.

Now we must mention here, judging from some emails that we are receiving, that in no way shape or form can you judge the film from the teaser trailers, or the confirmed interviewees, (which actually means the people in the teasers) we are in the process of development, which means just that. The film will not resemble the teasers, they are there to give the gist of where we are going, but if different paths open then we will explore them. Again, it is the nature of the beast for change to occur in documentary storytelling. We go with the story there is no script or set locations, written in stone. I hope this clears any confusion.

Do keep tuned!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Spanish Translation

Have you see that our two videos have been translated into Spanish! You'll find them on these links.
What About Me? US Promo (Spanish Subtitles)
What About Me? UK Promo (Spanish Subtitles)

Carlos Gonzalez is from Spain. He stepped forward and offered to do this for us! How great is that?! We are touched by the efforts of so many that have sent to video and are doing all they can to have the maximum outreach possible!

Also, thank you for your touching stories. We are reading them all; Please keep them coming. We cannot promise that they all will be featured, but there will be acknowledgment to each one of you when the film is produced. Keep the faith!

Monday, 7 June 2010

So we progress

Thank you all for your great feedback, support and encouragement, since the launch of the new teaser trailer. We are now moving to the detailed research required for the film. We are fortunate to have on board a well experienced researcher Paula Nightingale, who has a long list of documentaries under her belt, aided by Tony Hill with a degree in documentary research, but who became a ME sufferer himself, unable to pursue his career he has generously given the time and energy that he can muster to join us for the film.

Here I would like to make clear, as judging from some comments we are receiving, what we see in the teaser trailers is not necessarily the way we will go forward with the film. They are in place to give the essence of what we will come up with, but the film itself will be a much bigger story, not just a bigger version of the trailers. We hope to deliver a film that will not be overlooked by anyone, whether in the ME community or not, this is being presented to the planet.

We can track how many people are viewing the trailers, and I am delighted to announce that so far we have 39 countries on the count, keep spreading this to all you know, we are aiming this everywhere!

Susan Douglas

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Nature of the Beast

In documentary filmmaking, one never quite knows what you're getting next. We don't have scripts and sets to immerse in as with feature films, and such is the case with this. We will now proceed outside the realm of any fictional book. This story is so vast , we are changing our way forward for production. Therefore although we fully endorse Nasim Marie Jafry's book The State of Me finding it a good read with a great ironic humor to it, we will no longer be stepping into it with a scripted portrayal in our film. Do however give a read if you haven't already, a well told story of the plight of an ME sufferer, available on Amazon.