Thursday, 31 March 2011

What's new in WHAT ABOUT ME?

Well welcome to our all new singing, (well talking - interviews ) dancing hmm we'll work on that, new website! This will carry us through to the completion of the film, so this is the place to keep checking what's up.

Getting the new fundraising scheme attached , very soon, getting a new director out on the road to come in with the final story, (his identity to be revealed in due course.) Geoffrey still with us, but in the role of Executive Producer, success with his films and family issues, places him in this new position.

Hope you like the new page of friends and the building of the quilt, this may well be a part of the film poster, so if you would like to send your pic, we're still accepting them.

Also we will slowly release uncut interviews of some of your favorite folk starting with Malcolm Hooper, this will give insight of some great opinions on our subject. Find them always on the MEDIA page.

So keep in the loop here.

The Double D Team.

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  1. Thanks for the update. My wish for this movie is that it have a happy ending. Or at least a hopeful one. That the politics really do go away, and you capture it on film.