Friday, 10 September 2010

New Addition

Well here we are in September and what do we have - DEVELOPMENT money that is what!!! Our first executive producer has come on board, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, but what they have done is put us on the road to production! We are eternally grateful, and will shortly begin the process - what is the process you may ask? Well here we go, this coming up

: To finally form the story that we will follow, i.e. to start the schedule of where and who we will film, this includes many conversations, meetings, travel and research.

: To start filming issues that we cannot miss out on.

: To go full on for production sourcing for funds

: To make a trailer on what the film will be.

: To find the best cinematographers, editor, composer, distribution company and post production team that we can muster.

Now we have and are seeking interest from the global community, so the plan has grown from covering the UK and the USA to the world. We are in conversation with several countries at the moment, including Sweden, Spain, Pakistan and Australia. If you would like your country featured please contact us.

More to announce soon, onwards and upwards!