Tuesday, 13 July 2010

New link and Update

Often, in fact daily, I am presented with many facts emerging or known on the subject of ME and association thereof. Much is widely posted, and I am pleased to receive it, however I received the following from Christine Douglas and not knowing how much this will get around, I will also post it here and if anyone has any further comments or knowledge on Christine's subject, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Also, we are now completing the proposal and budget, so very soon will know how much moolah we will need! Then it's out to the planet to help raise funds as we are gearing up for a start time of production. There will be much more news on this very soon, but in the meantime we will return to the WPI's opening in Nevada in August, as the Institute and its operators will feature strongly in the story. So return often to catch the updates!


  1. Hello and thanks for keeping us updated on the progress of this very important project. Raising the public’s consciousness and encouraging further research and health policy reform should be a priority and urgent.

  2. Possibly a silly question, but aren't you already in production?

    Looking forward to the updates.

  3. Even before the XMRV findings I would not have been happy accepting blood from an ME sufferer and I would certainly never donate blood... Me too, I thought you were already in production! :)

  4. OK a little break down on film speak for you - to be in production means that finances have been secured and there is a full production team on board, with shooting schedule in place and the last day of principal photography is known, which allows the post production to be scheduled. WE do not have that in place just now, but it is coming! We are known as in development. Hope that helps.