Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Nature of the Beast

In documentary filmmaking, one never quite knows what you're getting next. We don't have scripts and sets to immerse in as with feature films, and such is the case with this. We will now proceed outside the realm of any fictional book. This story is so vast , we are changing our way forward for production. Therefore although we fully endorse Nasim Marie Jafry's book The State of Me finding it a good read with a great ironic humor to it, we will no longer be stepping into it with a scripted portrayal in our film. Do however give a read if you haven't already, a well told story of the plight of an ME sufferer, available on Amazon.


  1. I wonder if you can put a translation gadget in the blog? I often get stuck when reading inglish :)

  2. Translation gadget is a very good idea. Was really looking forward to seeing the book dramatised, Helen is such a great character, sad to hear we won't be seeing her in the film now. Certainly agree about the book being an excellent read. For anyone in a country that doesn't have Amazon, The Book Depository has free overseas postage.

  3. What a terrible shame. The State of Me - sorry to be pedantic, but you have the title slightly wrong (no capital E on the last word) – is a book crying out for dramatisation. Whilst I obviously remain very interested to see the fruits of your labour and imagine you’ll do a terrific job, I can’t help feeling that this is an opportunity missed. I struggle to think of a better representative articulation of the day–to-day miseries of this illness. In fact, I don’t struggle at all – it’s simply the best thing out there.

    I’m going to seem like a gripe – sorry – but some further pedantry is necessary: there is no E in Jafry. I think you probably owe it to the author to at least get her name right.

    Good luck, I hope things run smoothly from here on in.

    Kind regards etc....


  4. I think this is a shame. As a severe ME sufferer myself, Nasim's book is one of very few to come so close to the truth of what I have been living with all these years. I was very much looking forward to seeing Helen be a part of this film - I do feel that sometimes a knowledgeably written piece of fiction can somehow bring more understanding and compassion than presenting the facts as just plain facts. Perhaps this crossover between fiction and fact might have been the making of this documentary?

    I of course wish you all the luck in the world, still, in your production, and will look forward to seeing it, and hopefully showing it to friends and family too.