Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Questionnaire on the documentary

Hello, all. We have put together a questionnaire on the documentary. We would love to have your input, so if you would like to download the questionnaire, fill it in and send it back to doubledmedocs@googlemail.com we would appreciate it!

click here to download the questionnaire

Hope everyone is doing well!


  1. It is active unadulterated descrimination that this film exposes, and which I too, as a Special Physician In Infectious Diseases with a special interest of 25 years standing in ME/CFS, have also been witness to, time and time again.

    It is infuriating that an Authoriarian Regime (called NICE of all things), still is allowed to practice in such a way that their decisions are not only final but more importantly, they do not appear to have anyone to answer to but themselves!

    This "gas chamber" mentality for saving money by hiding the problem in a cloak of sanitised pseudoscience (for example GET and CBT) is unacceptible and in my view, should be brought before the International Human Rights Commission for review.

    I have NEVER seen a single patient out of the 10,000 patients I have looked after in my career EVER recover from this aweful condition.

    It is time that Health Services around the world finally and once and for all come to accept their duty of care in this matter, regardless of the financial burden that they perhaps might have to now consider as their own burden and not that of sufferers of this/these dreadful condition(s).

    There is suffering throughout the world, but there is no worse form of suffering than being ignored in a systematic and calculated, and perhaps even sociopathic manner as IS the case here.

    Congratulations on an excellent production. The film is powerful and convincing. I hope people watch it, and I mean many many people because, as one of the take home messages emphasises, the viewer may well be the next medical and social victim of these dreadful and depressing afflictions called ME/CFS.

    Warmest Regards,

    Dr John L Whiting
    Brisbane, Australia

  2. Thank you Dr Whiting, your comments are highly valued as a medical authority yourself. We aim to tell a very full story here, and we will leave no stone unturned. Kindest regards Susan Douglas ~ Producer

  3. Thanks for your fantastic and passionate remarks, Dr Whiting. You should start a blog!

    I would love to see Dr Whiting interviewed for this film, Susan. If you haven't already done so, it would be wonderful if you could consider approaching Australian directors or producers to contribute to this excellent project.

  4. Thank you for your suggestion, and as much valued as Dr Whiting's comments are, i am afraid the budget will not stretch to Australia, but if the good Doctor happens to be in the UK. . . . . . . . then we're talking!Then with regard to Director, i am very pleased that we have Geoffrey Smith on board, check out THE ENGLISH SURGEON. A co pro with Australia would be difficult when we're focusing so much on the UK /US, however not out of the question. All the best.

  5. If there is some way of making this questionnarie online, so we don't have to go to the extra trouble of downloading and emailing, that might get more people replying ... it's difficult for people who are so ill (particularly with something that affects concentration, etc) to do anything that isn't simple and quick. Just a thought. :)

  6. Susan,
    Just a thought... is there no way to use a large high resolution LCD monitor and use Skype or something similar and interview
    Dr. Whiting and somehow use it in the film? Heck, Oprah and Dr. Oz have large LCD screen on their TV studio set and use them for Skype and videos all the time..and they are filming the LCD also... Would this help keep it within the budget and allow you to bring in some folks from Australia and maybe Europe?
    Just trying to brainstorm and see if it gives you anything that helps a cheap lightbulb go off ;) Thanks for all you are doing...♥

  7. This is an exact copy of my feelings regarding the DHHS USA and the XMRV 'controversy'

    "What is going on with your research on XMRV??? The whole world is watching the DHHS and awaiting the results of its recent study. Why the delay??? Is not the DHHS committed to excellence and proper, moral and ethical standards? Therefore, these standards should be clearly demonstrated as an internationally acceptible level. This is not a matter of politics but a matter of decency. America has the reponsibility to show the world that its science is impeccable and trustworthy.

    Please let me know when I can recover my confidence in your institute?"

    Dr John L Whiting
    FRACP Infectious Diseases

  8. I have not been able to find a link to the trailers ....
    Please help