Tuesday, 27 April 2010

To recap on Reno

SUCH a productive trip I interviewed Annette Whittemore, and her daughter Andrea, a sufferer of ME/CFS, whose suffering instigated the start of the Whittemore Peterson Institute. This family is doing all they can to further the cure of ME, with the help of course of Dr Dan Peterson, the tireless doctor who has been involved with the research ever since the outbreak in Incline Village. Lake Tahoe in the 1980’s. Great interviews from these pioneers, and stunning revelations from Dr Judy Mikovitz, the brilliant scientist who of course came up with the XMRV discovery.Such a wonderfully supportive team of people around them , whose names are posted on the interviewees. So much gleaned from all of them, plus heart wrenching stories from the sufferers. I met with great co-operation from all concerned and I know there can be no better place on earth at this moment in time that will further the development of the cure of ME/CFS.

Then I took the road to Los Angeles – time for a little film business! (A little recommendation here) If you ever do this there is only one way to go - in my opinion - down the 395 south- what a drive!! Just beautiful, snow capped mountains , and azure lakes, through old Indian territory, for miles and miles. Takes about 8 hours, and worth every minute.

More later.


  1. Cannot wait to see interviews with all these people!

    How much filming is left?

  2. Good luck in LA! I'm actually attending film school at UCLA, so I hope your film gets distribution EVERYWHERE!

  3. Hi there thank you for your comments, but please understand that this is just the teaser trailer to raise funds , the film will be MUCH bigger, better. We need to get the funding, so spreading the word is the key, the more the better, to convince the investors, there's a serious interest to get this film made. The best to you.


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  5. Not to be picky, but I think you meant to direct folks down the Beautiful Hwy 395 ? That has the feel of the old west and you go passed the REAL last Ghost town in the West, in case you flew by... next time stop by ;) "Bodie S.H.P" About 45 min south of Reno Just after Bridgeport...not to mention
    passing Mt. Whitney the HIGHEST PEAK
    in the lower 48.
    Carry on.... and Best Wishes to ya and Thanks!

  6. Oops yes - just found this! You're right of course 395, maybe a little jet lag impeded my thoughts :-)The drive is still with me though- glorious!